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Push it; it rolls. Step on it; it stops still! Ladders with firm, solid footing that is as secure as the front steps of your house. Our Stop-Step Ladders can be easily pushed around on four ball bearing casters. When weight is applied, the casters retract and the ladder firmly grips the floor. 


Freight prepaid-contiguous United States only and most ladders ship in 5 working days.

Vault door latching door stop.
Secure your vault door with a adaptable latching door stop. Easy to use with foot lever action. Easy to install for most doors. 


Safe deposit box display stand.
Show your customers a selection of safe deposit boxes on this easy-to-assemble display stand. Place near the vault department service desk.  Boxes not available. 

Number plates.
Identify ownership by proper labeling of safe deposit boxes. Chrome-plated frames with number and/or letter plates in gold or grey plastic for new or re-numbering applications. 

Frame Measures 
5/8" High X 2-1/2" Wide
Posts on 2-5/16" Center

A special line of housekeeping products - polishes for the protection of the stainless steel surfaces of vaults and safe deposit boxes. Both liquid and aerosol containers are available for a variety of applications. 
BankGlowTM Products

6 Pack
Mix & Match
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