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Side Opening 

ZT-4078-SD Side-opening, longer‡ 8.6" I.L., clear body, lift latch, 3.78" air disc (3 ply), solid color end cap (6 colors). 10-5/8" O.L. Weights may be added under end caps if air pressure requires. Most 4" systems. LeFebure & others

Options: short body, 8-1/8" I.L., textured clear ; also*translucent blue, red, green, yellow, or opaque black

Option: end cap in blue, red, green, yellow, black, white. 

ST-4078-SD Side-opening, shorter body, 3.78" air disc, 8-1/8" I.L. clear textured body. See above. 10-5/16" O.L. Most 4" systems.

ST-4078-HD Same body as above with tapered end caps available in 6 colors. Weights may be added. 10-1/8" O.L. Most 4" systems. 

ST-4078-SDW Same body as above but with SD end cap and metal weights added. Most 4" systems. 

HD tapered end caps with black center. SD gently rounded end cap-solid color. 

ZT (8.6"I.L.) 8-1/2"x11" papers won't crimp.
* translucent bodies available while quantities last

 End Opening

ECD-4525 & ECN-4525 Contour, easy-grip body, double end-opening, 4.25" air rings, swivel end caps for convenient access. 10-13/16" O.L. Diebold, National, Chubb Monotube, Mosler RT 

Custom Logo Labels -- your company name or customize carriers for the bank. Call for details. 

ECS-452519 Same body style as above but slightly graduated air ring sizes for better delivery in 4-1/2" system. Security or Mosler AutoBanker

ECE-45-VB Economy model blue, double end-opening with 1 air ring (4.25") and Velcro rider band. Disposable 
4-1/2" systems Diebold

EM-4522 End-opening, clear body, double swivel end caps, 4.22" wear rings w/metal shim. 10-3/4" O.L. Most Mosler systems

No one offers more variety than BankMark.  BankMark specializes . . . 

Customize your carriers
  • 2 body lengths 
  • 7 choices of body color 
  • 6 end assemblies 
  • 2 latch styles 
  • 5 materials for air disc
ZT indicates longer, plastic body with lift latch 
ST indicates shorter, textured plastic body with lift latch. 
ZT in 2 choices: clear and high impact, opaque white. 
ST in 6 choices: textured clear, opaque black, high impact white, *translucent red, blue, green, yellow. *(While quantities last) ZT body fits 8-1/2"x11" papers without crimping. 
ST with 4S felt ends is recommended for 22" bends. 

S6TW-60-CB  Designed for 6” galvanized steel tubing.  Opaque white, high impact  plastic, side-opening, center lift latch, grey carpet rider bands. 
Steel tubing. 
Carrier O.D. 5.71" 
6”Commercial Applications
Adaptable for PVC.
Carrier O.D.  5.95”

S6TWR-60-CB Same style carrier as above with all     red body.
S6TLEX-60-CB Same style carrier as above with     1/2 clear and 1/2 white body. 
S6TLEXX-60-CB Same style carrier as above with all     clear body.    Not recommended.

Medical Applications-  See Med-Markand
Med-Opticcarriers in Health-Science Division.

SC-4078-HD Side-opening, shorter body, clip latch, tapered end cap in choice of six colors. Most 4" systems.

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ST-4078-4CW 3.78" air disc w/chamfered felt ends on short body with metal weights. 10-1/2" O.L. 
Diebold VAT II (Also use ZT body) 

ST-4078-SDSP Shorter black body for optic with lift latch, 3.78" (3 ply), double air disc and spacer. (Special order) solid color end cap in 6 colors. 10-1/2" O.L. 4" systems. Comco 550/555

ZT-4525-SD Longer clear body with lift latch, 4.25" (3 ply), solid color end cap in 6 colors. 10-5/8" O.L. Most 4-1/2" systems. Citadel III and HA 21 (add weights for ZIP) 

ZT-4525-HD Same body as above but tapered end caps. Specify color of end caps. 10-3/8" O.L. Most Hamilton.

ZT-4525-4F Longer body with 4" full cut felt heads. 10-5/8" O.L. Most 4-1/2" systems. 

L45__  Lightweight plastic, double end-opening. Contour body, clear plastic, with swivel end caps and velcro rider bands. O.L. 10-5/8" O.D. 4.25" Weight - 16 oz. or more. 
For 4-1/2" systems 
Diebold, Mosler*

*Modified for Mosler with magnetic strips. Special order. Also available with multiple air rings on each end. 

ECAL-418-SD    4-1/4”        Designed for Home Depot
This custom assembled,  single end-opening carrier with black swivel end cap, orange sleeve, 2 ply/4.18 air disc, black fixed SD end cap with metal cup can be used in commercial point-to-point systems.  10-9/16” O.L.  Available also with a Bullnose end cap with a slight upcharge.

Fits most  free 4”x7” systems. Opaque bottom, clear top, side-opening, black plastic lift latch, 2 ply air disc, felt ends.  I.L.  12.5” 
Option:  2-piece clip latch for high impact - will not pop open.

Most  free 4” x 7” systems


Lift Latch (above): The black plastic, 1-piece, lift latch is standard on side-opening carriers unless indicated in the description.

Clip latch (above): The black metal, 2-piece, clip latch is an option on side-opening carriers. New or retrofit, use this latch when hard-delivery causes the carrier to pop open on impact.

HD - tapered end cap with black center in green, blue, red, yellow, black, white. 
SD - gently rounded end cap - solid color - same as HD. 
BN - bullnose, molded plastic, black, chamfer 65 degree 

COLOR-CODING for end-opening carriers: DOTS in your choice of 8 colors are available to designate color-coded lanes when requested. No charge if ordered with carriers. 

BANDING in your choice of 4 colors. Red, green, blue and yellow.  Call for pricing. 

ZT-4520-SD Longer clear body with lift latch, 4.20" (3 ply) air disc. Undersize for 4-1/2" systems. 10-5/8" O.L. 

ST-4531-SDB Shorter clear body with lift latch, 4.31" air disc (special oversize air disc) solid color end cap with bumper. 10-1/2" O.L. Collier 

ST-4528-SD Shorter body with lift latch, 4.28" air disc (4 ply). 10-1/4" O.L. Skilcraft overhead/underground 

ZTW-4078-HD Opaque white, heavy duty body, lift latch, 3.78" air disc (3 ply), tapered end caps for 4" hard delivery with/without optic sensor. 10-1/2" O.L.

Nearly Indestructible 

ST-4078-4S Short clear* body, lift latch, 3.78"air disc, 4S short felt for 22" bend. (3.75" air disc optional) 9-5/8" O.L. 

Standard for LeFebure TA/10 *Color body option. Also recommended:  ST-40-F10W or SG-10. 
Felt heads, weights, bumpers or double air disc are optional.

ST-40-F10W Short* body, clear, lift latch, custom BankMark felt heads with weights for 22" bends. 9-3/4" O.L. LeFebure TA/10

Special Applications
Boxes In Colors
BPB-410 Polypropylene box carriers , for belt delivery system, 4-5/8" x 10-1/4" x 1-3/4". Mix or match colors to make a case of 24 boxes. red,blue, green, yellow, black, tan, and clear.  Tellerveyor, Autoveyor

Black available while quantities last. 

SG-10 __ Clear body with white plastic end caps. Black plastic lift latch. Velcro rider bands in black, red, blue, green, yellow. LeFebure TA/10 Not advised for TA/10 Ultima

Specify color of Velcro bands

SC-4020-BN For 4.25" PVC systems. Side-opening, short clear body, black clip latch, 4.20" air disc (2 ply), tapered, molded, bullnose end cap. 10-3/8" O.L. 4" PVC tubing systems

Specify color of carrier body Options: 1/2 clear and 1/2 opaque black* body or full black* body. Also available is *translucent red, blue, yellow, green (while quantities last). 


Screw end with air disc

ST-40-BNCL  Designed  for  4” systems.
Ragmop cleaner carrier with  fabric wheel which can be removed,  sanitized/cleaned, reused for a variety of applications. 

 4” systems with 48” bends

Same design as above .
 4-1/2” systems.

Designed to soften delivery and absorb noise, felt heads are available in 4F (4" full cut for 4-1/2" systems); 4C (4" chamfered at 60 deg. for 4" systems); 4S (short chamfer for short bends); F10W (4" custom contour with weight for TA/10 system). Call customer service for assistance in selecting the end for your particular need. 

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